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Film’s Most Famed Flotation Devices

Top Ten: PFDs Baywatch may have made the red lifeguard torpedo float a familiar sight to TV watchers, but it's not the only object that bobs up to the top of the pop culture imagination when it comes to PFDs By The Ex-Press (June 7, 2017) Baywatch’s red torpedo may be the most famous, but as summer approaches and boating season begins in earnest, The Ex-Press felt it was time to celebrate the personal flotation device and its other star turns, from Titanic’s grand finale to Benjamin Braddock’s extended backyard float. The formal history of what we now call the “PFD” dates back to 1854, when a British naval inspector by the name of Ward created a cork vest to be worn by lifeboat crews. Yet, there are images of Assyrian sailors using inflated animal skins as early as 860, as well as the creation of a formal anti-drowning society that dates back to 1767. Humans and water have a love-hate relationship: We're drawn to the water's edge, but according to the scant ...

Land of Mine: A War Movie Like No Other

Movie Review: Land of Mine Denmark's best foreign film contender didn't win an Oscar, but this truth-based drama about young Germans forced to clear beaches blows up war movie cliche by focusing on consequence instead of action

A Brief Encounter: Captain Underpants

Movie Review: Captain Underpants Who cares about London or France when you've got a superhero rocking underpants? Dav Pilkey's potty-obsessed character makes a memorable debut with as much fart as he has heart

Waiting for Gadot

Movie Review: Wonder Woman The long-awaited big screen debut of DC Comics' fair-sex superhero proves inspirational as it forces the viewer to see the world of man from an empowered female perspective

Voulez-Vous Poulet Avec Moi? Marmalade Meets Chicken

Recipe: Marmalade Chicken A mixture of marmalade and grainy mustard slathered on a thigh or drumstick makes for lovely, burnished chicken pieces, glazed, juicy and succulent, with just the right mix of tangy sweetness. Yum. By Louise Crosby (June 7, 2017) At the rate things are going, there may not be many warm, dry days of summer this year, which means we have to make the most of every moment. And in the food department, that means eating well without spending hours in the kitchen. As the beloved English food writer Nigel Slater puts it, “sometimes we cook purely for the pleasure of it, understanding the provenance of our ingredients, choosing them with great care, thoughtfully taking them on the journey from shop to plate.” Other times, he says, “we just want to eat.” Well, here’s the perfect recipe for those times when we just want to eat, and fast. This marmalade chicken, from Mr. Slater’s 2013 cookbook Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food, will have you fed and ...