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In Praise of Amy Adams

Movies: Toronto International Film Festival A veteran movie critic spends the day with Amy Adams and concludes she's Oscar bait, as well as a reminder of what  Nicole Kidman used to look like before Botox By Jay Stone TORONTO — Let us now praise Amy Adams, and all who sail on her. I recently spent a morning with the actress — she was on screen in two movies at the Toronto International Film Festival and I was in the audience, but still — and I concluded that a) she reminds me of what Nicole Kidman would look like if she had more common sense, and b) she might be in line for a couple of Oscar nominations this fall for roles in which she plays troubled women in unhappy second marriages with doomed daughters but, nonetheless, beautiful houses with large windows overlooking vastly photogenic scenery. Both movies — Nocturnal Animals and Arrival — have all that in them, but Adams herself couldn’t be more different and you have to remind yourself that she was also, among ...

Sully feels like a dead stick landing

Movie review: Sully Tom Hanks has enough emotional charisma to keep Clint Eastwood's hero conventions in the air, but this cinematic salute to Chesley Sullenberger's heroism loses thrust