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Does Mad Men Make Women Angry?

Podcast: Pop This! The digital divas take on the tale of two Mrs. Drapers, television's serial rape culture, and whether the chair-spinning moment in The Voice is a thrill or flat contrivance Featuring Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner. Produced by Andrea Gin. A sampling of what you might hear in this week's episode: "I did not care for the end of Mad Men, I hated the final episode." "At what point am I complicit in the rape culture by tuning in?" "I celebrate shows that have lots of sex." "Girls is over..." "I highly recommend Casablanca, the original, not the Pamela Anderson remake." ...and so, so much more.   For past episodes, click here. Or subscribe to Pop This! on iTunes. THE EX-PRESS, December 20, 2015 -30-

Romancing the Swine

Mob Rule: Part 37 Jack and Lyndon come face to face with the devil called politics and those who wear their mother's laundry in the Deep South  By John Armstrong We convened a nervous war council in the station’s coffee shop, with three hours before our train to Tallahassee. The only other departure between then and now would have taken us back through Alabama to Memphis and that didn’t seem like any real improvement over where we were, so we sat tight and waited. I repented of our decision to trim the touring party down for the Deep South campaign. We’d left the bulk of the staff and most of the guns behind us in Texas, the brain trust reasoning a larger party could seem confrontational, particular one with a dozen or so hired gunsels in it. There’s an old theory that in a dangerous situation, you’re sometimes better off to be unarmed, because it makes you tread carefully where you might not with a gun in your hand. That may be so, but I had two guns under my ...