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Mob Rule: Part 7 – continued

We met the Goombah The date with the lovely Vanessa continues, but after surveying a history of violence, she asks her suitor some tough questions By John Armstrong I’ll leave out the details of our trip to the Museum of American History. Everyone’s seen the wing devoted to the Big Takeover a thousand times anyway, either in person or onscreen. That said, I still get choked up when I stand before the towering statues of the Great Outlaws – Dillinger gleefully burning the mortgage records after emptying a bank vault, or Pretty Boy Floyd delivering Christmas dinner to a starving family on welfare - and then the massive 20-foot painting that summarizes the Second Revolution, starting with the Bank Crash and Depression and then the breadlines, the Hooverville riots, and the government troops firing into hungry, unemployed, desperate crowds. I’m always drawn to one section that shows union busters clubbing men and women on a picket line while fat, cigar-smoking politicians ...

Movie review: Hyena Road lacks destination

Paul Gross's war movie attempts to tell the story of Canada's involvement in Afghanistan with a shotgun not a sniper's rifle