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Rod Mickleburgh pens an ode to Jay messiah

Surprise slugfest shatters expectations of a humdrum night of baseball, inspiring a veteran scribe to take an original trip around the horn of Ernest Lawrence Thayer's classic, published June 3, 1888 By Rod Mickleburgh Earlier this week, on a beautiful night for baseball, I was at the Skydome for what hardly promised to be a classic ball game, between the struggling Blue Jays and woeful White Sox. But my friend Peter McNelly, having spent part of his boyhood in Chicago, remains a diehard Sox fan, and me, well, I love baseball at any level, so off we went. Of course, since baseball ever produces the unexpected, what transpired on the field, against all expectation, was as exciting a game as I can remember (and I remember Mazeroski’s homer!). It was an old-fashioned slugfest, with more twists and turns than the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. It was a pitchers’ duel all right, as in who would get to the showers first: the Jays’ R.A. Dickey, whose knuckleball danced about as much ...

Movie review: Entourage: It’s back, five years too late

The movie version of the TV show about a film star and his childhood friends turns out to be a lightweight commentary on Hollywood that gets by on nudity and celebrity cameos -30-

Happy Birthday, Joe Keithley

The D.O.A frontman and Vancouver icon known professionally as "Joey Shithead" turns 59 today, but there are other reasons to love June 3rd and embrace Gemini's twins, according to fellow birthday-partyer Katherine Monk It’s the day the First Opium War began, the Duke of Windsor married Wallis Simpson, and Valerie Solanas shot Andy Warhol: The third of June may be just another day on the calendar to those born on the other 364 days of the year, but to you and I, Joe Keithley, June 3 is a day of cake and presents, big hopes and probably, heartbreak... because who ever gets the present they want most? So even though I don't know you that well, it feels like I do. I have been reading your horoscope for years... and according to the astrologers, we’re some of the wittiest and smartest people in the zodiac thanks to our airy Gemini nature and ability to see both sides of any story. And though astronomers think astrology is meaningless because the planets are always shifting, ...