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How Bao’s house of women brought new dimensions to Pixar animation

Katherine Monk interviews Oscar contenders Domee Shi and Becky Nieman-Cobb in Vancouver. The duo are nominated for Bao.

Equity gropes at Wall Street’s double-breasted morality

Movie review: Equity Director Meera Menon's dramatic feature about female investment bankers offers a slightly different view of a male-dominated landscape, but Equity doesn't cash in      

Box Office Analysis: Female demographic gets big push

Early spring is typically a season dominated by testosterone-laced action tentpoles, but with Pitch Perfect 2 blowing the tires off Mad Max: Fury Road, the boys of summer may get benched by funny girls By Katherine Monk Mad Max may have defeated a villainous clan of wasteland warlords in order to survive a two-hour hell ride, but he couldn’t beat the ladies of Pitch Perfect 2 in the box office demolition derby called opening weekend, raising some doubt as to who rules the box-office in the era of digital, videogames, bit-torrent downloading and studio movie ennui. As this weekend’s tally proved: Women are starting to outspend men at the wicket. Mad Max revved up a respectable $44 million in receipts, but Elizabeth Banks’s gleeful girl movie about snarky singing competitors hollered to the tune of $70 million, proving the long-vaunted 14-year-old boy demographic does not rule the box-office after all. According to the Motion Picture Association of America’s ...