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The Heaviness Between Oceans

Movie review:  The Light Between Oceans Derek Cianfrance makes another stab at melancholy-laced romance with his adaptation of M.L. Stedman's period novel about a lighthouse keeper and his failure to navigate a moral hazard

Movie review: Jason Bourne, again

In this overstuffed action film Matt Damon returns as the spy with amnesia, although this time he remembers everything far too clearly — except when to stop   Buy Cialis Professional buy Levothroid online Super Cialis

Loved The Danish Girl, Hated Lili

Movie review: The Danish Girl How Alicia Vikander's performance as a wife who loses her husband to another woman proves there's more to being a female than donning silk frocks and fancy shoes

Top Ten 2015: Women land box-office blows for a surprise win

Movies: Top Ten 2015 Women stormed the box-office with raw power and profound emotional insight, overcoming Hollywood's institutional misogyny By Katherine Monk Let’s hear it for the girls. Though the year started slowly with just a handful of bright moments on what seemed to be a rather bleak horizon — from a pruny soak in a Hot Tub Time Machine and a disappointing date with The Avengers — 2015 ended up celebrating the fair sex in surprise fashion, starting with Mad Max’s furious females lead by Charlize Theron. The movie was kicked from the ticket wicket by Elizabeth Banks’s Pitch Perfect chorus, but there was still plenty of room for revision as Melissa McCarthy took on the spy genre and Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith deconstructed the adolescent female psyche in Inside Out. James Bond lost a bit of box-office mojo with Spectre – pulling in $196 million domestically, compared to Skyfall’s $304 million – but while Hollywood expressed concern over a grim ...

Movie review: A reason to cry U.N.C.L.E.

The film version of  the 1960s TV show stars a couple of bland leading men involved in a second-rate espionage thriller notable mostly for its cool costumes, writes Jay Stone