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Dirty Grandpa leaves a stain

Movie review: Dirty Grandpa Robert De Niro and Zac Efron hit the road, and rock bottom, in this grotesquely sexist and vulgar attempt at comedy that uses crack and pedophilia as fodder.

Star Wars: A Feminist Force Awakens

Podcast: Pop This! Star Wars: The Force Awakens provides a Ton Ton's carcass of content to discuss and, in a pinch, butcher and turn into a sleeping bag in this week's Pop This!   Featuring Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner. Produced by Andrea Gin. A sampling of what you might hear in Episode 11: Star Wars What would I do with a BB8? I have never cared about space at all. I can see Star Wars is part of pop culture canon, but it's a conversational understanding of Star Wars. What you did for me for Real Housewives, I need for you to do me for Star Wars. I don't think I thought of it as a space movie... It just happens to be set in space. I was watching the hero's journey: Joseph Campbell figured out we have an innate story we need to experience. I recommend the hero with a thousand faces. Maybe it's good to watch this movie not stoned out of your gourd. Buy fluoxetine online I feel like this is my literal everyday, I'm invited to save the world and ...