Squeezing Gervais’s not-so Golden Globes

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To toasting and roasting Ricky Gervais as returning host of the Golden Globes, an awards show that makes some viewers walk around the house in high heels with a tall glass of pinot

Featuring Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner. Produced by Andrea Gin.

A sampling of what you might hear in Episode 9: Looking at The Golden Globes

I will tell you what I genuinely think of Ricky Gervais: I think he is smug, self-congratulatory, fat-shaming…and he can be incredibly boring…. He has a lot of specific self-hatred…

The only human beings who don’t want to be liked are sociopaths.

Mad Max.

Rent is not a comedy?

Empire is not nominated in the musical category?

One of the great loves of my life, Spy Magazine… the monocles reviews, that’s who I envision as the Hollywood Foreign Press

I have the feeling they are the kind of people who go to Cannes and don’t see movies

I love Veep so much. A rare show without a weak link. It messes you up.



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THE EX-PRESS, January 8, 2016


2 Replies to "Squeezing Gervais's not-so Golden Globes"

  • kittenfart January 8, 2016 (2:14 pm)

    If I may be permitted to reverse the trope: if this were a woman acting like this big of an jerk, you’d be praising her as a badass feminist or whatever dumb things millennials say.

    • kmoexpress January 9, 2016 (8:50 am)

      Well, Kittenfart,
      Point taken. And I think the Pop This! team will be flattered you thought they were millennials. So win-win for everyone.