There’s more drama on the news pages than the entertainment ones today as fallout over the Brexit results sink in, throwing a spanner in the world’s economic engine. It seems Europe is poised on dissolution, but the Old World has seen significant schism before. The United States has a harder time with splits, and Gary Ross’s new Civil War movie bears all the scars of a psyche that has yet to heal. Katherine Monk offers a review of Matthew McConaughey’s soapbox lather as well as a look at a new documentary about Group of Seven founder Lawren Harris. Where the Universe Sings airs on TVO and streams on TVO.org. Also, Louise Crosby returns from a foray to Iceland with a hankering for a spicy bowl of Vegetarian Curry Laksa, a meal in a bowl that takes some prep time but proves undeniably delicious. Meanwhile, Bruce Ward checks out Sir Paul McCartney. The legendary Beatle is currently on tour with his band and a new album, but according to biographer Philip Norman, McCartney was always on the band’s leading edge, despite John getting all the credit as the innovator. Ward gives us his take on the new book, plus  Jay Stone investigates Maggie’s Plan and catches up with burlesque icon Tempest Storm, who gets a whole new reveal in a new documentary from Nimisha Mukerji and more — and less — in The Ex-Press.


Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, Sarah McLachlan to jury new refugee film prize

News: VIFF, Radcliffe Foundation sponsor new short film competition Former mining entrepreneur Frank Giustra hopes to inspire and engage Canadians about the 'greatest humanitarian catastrophe of our generation' through original, 'call-to-action' ...

Lawren Harris resurrected on screen

People: Peter Raymont and Nancy Lang on Lawren Harris The Group of Seven founder rides a wave of rediscovery with a new show curated by Steve Martin opening at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the bow of a revealing and personal Harris documentary from Peter Raymont and Nancy Lang that gives the viewer a portal into the painter's time

The Neon Demon proves an inert gas

Movie Review: The Neon Demon Nicolas Winding Refn sinks his teeth into the skin deep world of modelling using vampire movie devices, a candy-coloured palette and Jena Malone as a predatory lesbian makeup artist-30-


Finding Dory, losing story

Movie Review: Finding Dory Ellen DeGeneres returns as a fish with short-term memory loss in a largely forgettable sequel to Finding Nemo-30-


Wine Pairings for your Failed New Year’s Resolutions

Pop Culture Decoder Choosing the right wine to toast your success at failure!  


Super Bowl: Vegetarian Curry Laksa

Food: Vegetarian Curry Laksa Recipe Whether it's pho, bibimbap or a bucket of ramen, a meal in a bowl offers a mysterious delight, and this recipe for Vegetarian Curry Laksa is a culinary treasure you can eat with a spoon By Louise Crosby The...


Falling apart at The Citizen

The Sick Days: Part 21 - Hot and Bothered Moving from The Toronto Star to The Ottawa Citizen was supposed to reduce symptom-inducing stress, but once installed in the national newsroom, Shelley Page starts feeling like a lobster By Shelley ...

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